The Reassembling of your Broken iPad Screen with the Best iPad Replacement Parts

You are on the way to get the best DIY solution for the broken screen of your iPad. Now as you have dissembled your iPad it is now time to reassemble it with the best iPad replacement parts.

Following the below mentioned steps you will be able to reassemble your iPad and make it brand new once again. So, pay attention to these steps and carefully follow them. Let us have a look to these steps:

Step 1: Removal of Leftover Fragments or Protective Paper

Remove any protective cover from your iPad screen and also make sure that there are no leftover glass fragments on your iPad. While the removal of the broken screen some of the fragments might have stayed at the case.

Make sure to remove all of these without living any fingerprints or marks on the case.

Step 2: Replacement of the Home Button

While dissembling you have also taken out the home button. So, with the new iPad screen you have to fix it back. For this place the home button back to the new digitizer which would have came with your iPad 2 screen.

You can glue it using double sided tape but make sure that it is properly aligned.

Step 3: Screw the Screen Back

Now while dissembling you have unscrewed four screws that connected the screen to the case. With your new screen you need to screw them back. A screw driver will be helpful in doing so.

Do it carefully and properly fix the screen. If the screws are lose or are not tightened properly then it would be a bigger danger to your iPad. As you have the best iPad replacement parts from Boqiang International Electronics none of this is going to happen.

So, carefully and slowly screw back the four screws and get ready for the next step.

Step 4: Screen Placement

Now for the final step place the screen to its place and check its alignment. Once you know that the screen is properly aligned test the screen if it is working properly. With the best screens from Boqiang Electronics the iPad 2 screen replacement works well.

If you find implementing any of these steps difficult then visit any nearby mobile service center and ask the shopkeeper to do so. There are many shopkeepers who are well-trained in carrying out the screen replacement. This won’t even charge very much.

Hence, by getting the best iPad replacement parts you are saved from paying huge sums to the Apple Care. So, for your iPad fixing the damage has now become easier as well as cheaper.

So, take care of your iPad and in case if you by mistake broke the screen do not hustle or bustle but connect to Boqiang International Electronics. We will supply the iPad parts to your service asap and you will be ready to fix the broken iPad back to the new one. So, enjoy using your iPad.

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