Know All the Major Differences between iPhone 5 & iPhone 5s LCD

Although old these two iPhones still hold a great position in the Apple market. The classic and innovative features of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S continue to win hearts of a lot of people.

With all these classic features there are few differences between the two. The major being the digitizer and other related differences in the LCD screen. It might appear the same but little difference brings great variations in the classic features both of these phones provide.

So, let us see these major differences between the LCDs of iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S:

The Longer Flex Cable

At the top of the iPhone 5 the iPhone 5 LCD screen gets attached to the iPhone with the help of a flex cable. The same is the case with iPhone 5S as well. And there is a difference between the length and a pattern of these two phones.

The flex cable if iPhone 5S is comparatively longer than that of iPhone 5s which affects the connectivity of the LCD to the phone bringing variations in few screen features. This is one of the differences between the LCD screens of two phones.

The Difference in the Support Frame

The camera is protected and secured with the help of a support frame in an iPhone. Also with it the iPhone 5s LCD and that of iPhone 5 are attached. If you open the two then you will find that there lies a difference between the support frames of the two phones.

Now, one might think that how it matters but it does matters a lot when it comes to screen replacement. When it comes to screen replacing you just can’t use the iPhone 5 LCD for iPhone 5S and vice versa.

And this happens because of these small variations and differences between the LCD patterns and the fixation process of the two phones. This support frame thus proves to be another major difference between the iPhones of iPhone 5 series.

The Difference in the Flash Light Hole Sizes

Now, it will be a clear mistake to avoid the size of flash light hole in the two phones. One might have not noticed but there lies a huge difference between the flashlight hole and size of the two phones.

This feature even act as the major differentiator between the two phones when is asked to recognized which one is which. Also if seen more clearly even the text iPhone is written slight differently in the two phones.

These changes might seem small but leaves a huge impact while LCD replacement or any damage fixation. Hence, one needs to take care of it ensuring that proper accessories are picked up.

From the above differences it can be clearly concluded that one cannot use the iPhone 5S LCD in iPhone 5 and vice-versa. Hence, do not try this out and only use the proper screen with your iPhone and experience the soothing touch in it.

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