Know All the Differences Between iPhone 6s LCD & iPhone 6 LCD

iPhone the dream phone for many people all across the world comes with new variations and advanced features every year. Apple is growing at its fastest pace of all times bringing the best quality products, with much comfortable user interfaces and many more classic features. People often get confused between the little differences between the variations of different iPhones.

A major topic of debate in this concern has been about the LCDs of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Both the iPhones just nailed the market with the best reviews. Still to, many people the difference between the LCD is not clear, some find the difference in the size whereas some think the quality difference.

So, let us have a reality check and understand real difference between these two:

The 3D Touch Layer:

One of the greatest difference between the iPhone 6 LCD and iPhone 6s LCD is the extra 3D effect associated with the iPhone 6S that gives an enhanced user experience with better comfort and simpler touch.

The iPhone 6S has a special capacitive sensor layer that makes the touch screen even more efficient allowing the user to make the best and appropriate touch with complete comfort and ease.

This enhanced feature is the difference as well as the specialty of iPhone 6s LCD over iPhone 6.

The Replacement & Compatibility Test

One might think that one can easily replace the old screen of iPhone 6S with the new one of iPhone 6 and vice versa. It might sound feasible and is possible till some extent in this barnd new iPhone but not completely.

If in your iphone 6S you replace the old screen with the new one of iPhone 6 then there will be some compatibility issues due to the presence of the capacitive sensor that will try to implement its technology with the iPhone 6 LCD.

And this is where the problem occurs. You will be able to use your iPhone perfectly fine but may not enjoy that 3D sparkle any more.

Better Video Editing Options

IPhones have always won people’s heart because of the high quality camera they have giving a real life experience of pictures to its users. With the classic screens like of iPhone 6S plus LCD people just not capture pictures but capture moments.

This experience is way better in the iphone 6S as compared to iPhone 6 due to the LCD difference that allows the user to not only make gif images but also make 4k videos as the camera megapixels has also been increased.

And, the best part is this classic experience is not just limited to iPhone 6s but can also be experienced with the iPhone 6S plus LCD giving the users the pleasure to relive the moments.

Although small, but these small differences leave a huge impact especially when you are planning to change or replace the screen. Always go for the best quality manufacturers like Shenzhen Boqiang International who understand these difference and supply the best quality products.

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