The Simplest & Easiest Way to Replace your iPhone 6 LCD with Complete Ease & Safety

It is indeed a bad experience to see your new iPhone 6s plus LCD or iphone 6s LCD damaged or full of scratches. You might want to kill the because of whom this happened but thank to manufacturers like Shenzhen Boqiang Internationals who provide the best quality iPhone LCDs at considerably reasonable prices.

Hence, there is nothing to worry if you broke the screen as you can get the new one very easily. But that is not the end of the problem.

The next step is of replacing the screen and makes your iPhone look brand new once again without a single scratch on the screen. It may sound a bit imaginary but yes it is possible and with the tips and instructions given by the experts at Boqiang.

So, let us have a look at the step by step procedure of replacing the old damaged iPhone 6 LCD with a brand new:

Step 1

Before beginning the replacement make sure that your iPhone is switched off. This will protect it from any irrelevant pressing of buttons which you might do while replacing the LCD. Hence, first of all power off your iPhone.

Step 2

If you will look at your iPhone 6 closely then at the bottom you will find 2 pencil screws located next to the lightning connector. In the second step of screen replacement all you have to do is to carefully take out these 4 millimeter screws without causing any harm or damage to your iPhone. When you remove these screws you are ready to proceed for the next step.

Step 3

You will now notice that the display assembly is smoothly and slowly getting separated from the iPone 6 rear case. Don’t get tempted to separate the screen as they LCD is still connected through few cables. Apart from this there are few things which you will have to take care of and remove slightly one by one as stated in the next step.

Step 4

tweezers with fine tip curve as with the help of these you will have to remove the metal bracket so that the LCD digitizer is disconnected along with the front camera.

Step 5

Next remove the three Phillips screw which are guarding the earpiece following the same procedure as discussed above. After this also remove the screws securing the home button metal bracket and remove the home button assembly.

Step 6

Now at last you will have to remove the seven Phillips screws that safeguard the LCD shield plate and the slightly remove the LCD shield played. Now in the same manner apply the new iPhone 6 LCD and put back the screws at their original places.

The same can be done with iphone 6s LCD and iPhone 6s plus LCD. Only the positions and the number of screws are going to vary and rest everything will remain the same. So, follow the above steps and properly replace the LCD screens.

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