Few Misconceptions about iPhone LCD Screen Replacement

The breakage of the screen of iPhone is a terrible nightmare for almost every owner of the phone. Many people consider using the old broken screen instead of replacing it living with few misconceptions about the cheap screen replacement.

The Apple service center cost for iPhone LCD screen replacement is considerably high for which it is always advised to purchase a new screen from a third party dealer and get it replaced by any nearby store by following few easy steps.

For many people dealing with the third party involves a lot of confusions and misconceptions. So, let us understand and clear these misconceptions so that you can make the perfect decision and get the screen accordingly for your iPhone.

The Quality will be Dimmed

Many people have a theory that if they replace their iPhone LCD by any means other than the Apple Care then the quality will be dimmed and their iPhone will no longer work like it used to do before.

But the fact is this does not happens unless you consult good and top quality manufacturers like Boqiang International Electronics who provides the most classic iPhone screens with the best quality and warranty periods.

Hence, the quality will remain the same with the same user experience as long as you consult the perfect store for purchasing it. Hence, make sure that you purchase the best screen from th best store in reasonable price.

The iPhone will No Longer Work Like Before

Another fear and wrong conception which people have is that the screen replaced from a local store will not make their iPhone work as it used to before. The user experience and the comfort will change and they will be neglected from all the exclusive iPhone features.

But with Boqiang Internationals this has never happened and will never be as the screens are manufactured with the same raw materials the original iPhone is made of. Hence, even at a reasonable price one will get the same high quality iPhone LCD screen and there will be no compromise with the user experience and touching comfort.

The Store Con the Customers by Providing Lower Rates:

This is another misconception as long as the purchasing of iPhone screens is considered from other stores. People so feel that there is something wrong and the store will con them in some way which is why they are charging them low prices.

But the fact is they manufacture it a faster speed meeting the demand and with the age of every iPhone the value of screen also gets degraded which is not the same case with Apple as their major concern is of iPhone fast production and not of iPhone LCD.

Hence, this is another misconception which is cleared from the statement above making it cear for the customers to go for whatever means they like to make a purchase and replace their old broken iPhone screens.

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