Understanding the Difference between the Broken & the Cracked Screen of your iPhone

It is indeed very bad to see a big crack and scratches all over on your new iPhone screen. The case is even worse thinking of the repair cost and screen replacement method that will suck a lot of money from you.

But instead of panicking there is another important thing which you need to first find out and look for. And this thing is to first of all identify whether your screen is broken or cracked. One might think this crazy but it is very important as identifying this identifies the amount you will have to spend on the damage fixation.

You can relax if your iPhone LCD is just cracked and is not completely broken as with a simple method and small money the screen will be renewed. In case it is broken you will have to pay a bigger sum for bringing you iPhone back to life.

The Difference between the Glass & the LCD

The change in cost of the two different damages of cracked and broken is majorly due to difference of the glass and LCD. We may not be able to see it but every phone screen is made up of two parts.

One is the glass and the other is the LCD. Even in the iPhone LCD screen the similar composition exists. The glass is used as a protective shield for the sensitive LCD securing it from any kind of damage.

The LCD which stands for Liquid Crystal Display on the other hand is responsible for showing us the display colors, experiencing and using the touch and checking the touch responses and user integrity.

Hence, for the users it might be a single display but in reality it is composed of these two layers that determine whether the screen is cracked or broken.

The Crack & the Broken Difference

A numerous scratches in the screen may damage the glass cover but the LCD may still be fit and fine. In this case one does need to compromise with the original quality of iPhone LCD display as it will easily get back to normal by glass renewal or refurbishment.

If our iPhone is in this state then it is said to be cracked. On the other hand their might be a situation of our iPhone falling down or sever impact may break the screen which can be identified by looking for black spots, or irregular patterns on the screen. In this case the iPhone screen is said to be broken which will require complete iPhone LCD screen replacement. At Boqiang Internationals one will get a brand new screen at fairly low prices which can be used for screen replacement making the iPhone display back to normal once again.

Hence, the crack and the breakage hold a great importance and may save a person from paying extra. It is thus always advised to take appropriate remedies before the series of small cracks turns into a big damage causing a loss.

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