Know all about Aftermarket iPhone Digitizer & Screen Pricing by top iPhone LCD Supplier

It is mid-2018 and technical development is at its fastest pace. iPhone is still the most classic and exclusive phone and people of all classes are saving to owe this phone. But when it comes to the iPhone parts then people are switching to different dealers and manufacturers.

The pricing difference with a little or zero quality compromise is the biggest reason behind this. In this iPhone world the users try to owe the best and enjoy their luxury but when the price faces a significant raise when everyone searches for a cheaper option.

And this is where the aftermarket dealers or the top iPhone LCD suppliers rule the market. But as every coin has two sides, in the same way, there are few pros and cons associated with this aftermarket purchasing of iPhone parts.


Cheaper Rates:

Obviously, the biggest reason behind the growth of third-party dealers is the cheap rates they provide for the iPhone LCD screen. At Boqiang International Electronics when you will compare you will find out that the price you will have to pay for screen replacement is much cheaper than the original one.

This is the biggest benefit when it comes purchasing from the best iPhone screen manufacturers.

Classic Quality:

And of course, by paying considerably less the quality you get is almost the same. In last few years many iPhone LCD suppliers have faced rapid development and advancement bringing the best quality products to the customer.

This is an amazing pro and indeed counts purchasing from the third party dealers increasing the aftermarket of iPhone screens and digitizer.


Hard Digitizer Cables:

With aftermarket digitizer cables the, the cables are a little harder which may bring undesired results after few months of working. This is what makes them less reliable than the original screens provided by Apple Care store.

Larger IC Chips:

The IC chips embedded in the screen are larger in size. This may result in certain repair issues in future.

Polarized Glass Visibility Issue:

The aftermarket screens are not very compatible with polarized glass. Hence, certain visibility issues will be there.

The top iPhone screen manufacturers like Boqiang Electronics are trying to overcome these issues too a much greater extent. And you will look closely you will figure it out that most of the cons are not that big.

If you handle your repaired iPhone screen with care it is indeed going to give same results as an original iPhone screen. Hence, there is nothing much to worry about the cons and a lot of reasons to enjoy the pros and get the best quality screens.

Hence, this was all about iPhone screen and digitizers and the difference in their price ranging. So, take the advantage of these technological advancements and pay a lesser price for better quality.

Connect to the best iPhone LCD suppliers today and in case you want to replace your iPhone screen order today from Boqiang International Electronics.

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