The Importance & Significance of Cold Press Technology for LCD Screen: News by top iPhone Screen Manufacturers

iPhone in itself is a classic phone with new technology implementations and a lot of exclusiveness that sets it apart from other phones. Different technologies are used and implemented for designing the iPhone.

Especially when it comes to iPhone screen a lot of care is taken as the iPhone screen gives the user’s most comforting and overwhelming experience. So, let us know about various technologies and also about the special cold press technology that has some classic features like preventing the bending of screen bracket. Let us have a look:

Different Methods & Technologies for LCD:

Different methods and technologies are available for proper mounting and assembling of the LCD screen. Different iPhone screen manufacturers use different methods for screen assembling.

The three most common methods are:

  • Rubber Connector Method
  • Pinned Connector Method
  • Flexible Connector Method

Rubber connector method is the most liked method by iPhone LCD suppliers which can again be divided into two types namely:

  • Rubber Connector Method with Hot Press Technology
  • Rubber Connector Method with Cold Press Technology

Which one is Better?

Now a question arises that which technology is better? Whether hot press technology or cold press technology and why? And so here is the answer. Experts associated with the top iPhone screen manufacturers have said that the cold press technology is better than the hot press technology.

This is because provides extreme durability and stability to the LCD joints. Also, there are some faults in hot press technology which are overcome by the cold press technology. The stronger the joints are the durable will be the iPhone screen.

There are screen holders in rubber connector method which are known as screen brackets. One of the major setbacks of hot press technology is that these brackets gets bent degrading the quality of the screen.

On the other hand, the classic hot press technology will bind the LCD components together tightly and will prevent the screen from bending. Also, these screen brackets are prevented from any kind of bending.

This is what makes this technology better than the hot press one.

Why should you know this?

Apart from some of the best third-party iPhone screen manufacturers like Boqiang International Electronics, there are also some frauds out in the market. To get the best product a little knowledge about LCD screen technology is a must.

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