The Benefits of Cold Press Process Over Traditional Hot Press Process in iPhone Screen Repair & Manufacture

The ways the goods and items are manufactured also affect the quality of the product. The more properly along with complete technicality the product is manufactured the more will be service provided by it.

iPhone screen repair by the third party is done through a number of ways. In screen manufacturing process as well a lot of different technologies are used. Traditionally hot press process was used in the screen manufacturing.

Now the traditional method is replaced with the new cold process. This is because the new process has several benefits and advantages associated with it that makes the screen quality even more superior.

Top and leading manufacturers like Boqiang International Electronics are using this cold press process for the screen manufacturing process. For iPhone screen protector and other related products the benefits of cold press over the traditional hot press process are:

Stronger Frame:

The frame of the screen needs to be strong enough to withstand damage and make sure that the glass is properly held in the phone. The stronger the frame is the better will be the product quality.

With the help of the cold press process, it has been found put that much stronger and durable frames can be manufactured. Not only this, but the frames so produced are quite easy to manufacture as compared to the cold press process.

This is one of the major reasons behind the use of cold press process over the hot one iPhone 6 plus screen repair and other related equipment.

Frame Loosing Problem Solved Along with the Over Glue Problem:

There was a major issue with the hot press process about the frame loose. The frame designed with the hot press process easily used to get loose making the glass connection weak and degrading the quality of the iPhone screen.

Hence, even after the lot of hard work and dedication the product so designed was not always of the superior quality. The introduction and implementation of the new cold press process solved this problem as well solving the over glue and frame losing problem.

This further made number of iPhone screen repair manufacturers to fall for frame cold press process.

Better Customer Satisfaction:

As the manufacturing and designing process through cold press was easy it encouraged more productivity resulting in better customer satisfaction. Hence, a maximum number of users were satisfied with this manufacturing process as it resulted in fast and efficient delivery.

The ease also made the working conditions positive and motivating for the employees counting ultimately to the growth of the seller as well as the customers. Shenzhen Boqiang International with its fast cold press process is satisfying a huge some of the users all over the world.

Hence, for the best iPhone screen protector and other related products go for the manufacturers who use cold press process. This will result in the best product delivery with the phenomenal features of the ultimate iPhone restored.

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