Know How A Man Made his Own iPhone by iPhone Screen Replacement Wholesale China

You will be really amazes to know this, but the fact is that this happened for real. We might have come across a number of iPhone parts sellers and suppliers who claim to sell the best quality iPhone parts.

People look for it as an option when their iPhone screen is broken or there is some other issue that they come across while using their phone. But you will be amazed to know that there is infact more to it.

Lets hear the story of a man who created his own iPhone by buying parts from different iPhone screen replacement wholesale China services.

The Interesting Story:

Shenzhen truly is a hub where you will find a lot of shops and stores selling iPhone spare parts at reasonable prices offering numerous deals and discounts. This man visited some of the stores in Shenzhen and found out that almost each and every part of iPhone is available here.

Especially when it comes iPhone 6 there are a lot of stores selling different iPhone parts in cheaper rates claiming the product to be of original quality. So, this man thought of why not giving a try.

He bought the spare parts of iPhone, and did research on the assembling and organization of cellphone parts. It took almost a year of hit and trails and few failures for him to finally design this amazing phone.

And, his trail was success when people were not able to identify the real iPhone between the two. This man is now trying to experiment the same for iPad consulting the leading ipad replacement parts supplier.

The Fun Fact:

The fun fact that we get from here is that these iPhone screen replacement wholesale China sellers and suppliers are indeed worth it. Still many people fear to consult them worrying that the quality of their phone will be compromised.

But what else, will be a better example of quality when someone built his own iPhone at home. And the best part is that it cost really less than the original iPhone. And, at the end of the day this is what one wants, right?

Getting things available at a cheaper price with minimum quality compromise. And, this story completely made this reality.

Parts Involved:

For assembling and making a new iPhone the man had to buy and assemble he following parts:

Logic Board:

This is like the mother board we have for CPU. Integrating it is a tough task and only the logic board from the leading suppliers can prove to be beneficial for making one’s own iPhone.


This is available easily with many sellers.


Again, integrating the LCD display is a tough task but one would find numerous tutorials guiding about the same.

Back Shell:

And of course, you get the back shell to give that phenomenal iPhone look.

Designing an iPhone at home is a wonder indeed and may be you can make your own iPad with the best ipad replacement parts supplier.

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