iPad 4 Touch Screen

iPad 4 Touch Screen


The most pleasing deal is knocking at your door with Boqiang Electrnoics, the second ranker at alibaba. Huge number of varieties and all new colors of ipad 4 touch screen for your classy and exclusive ipad 4. With the supreme and easy glass replacement strategies and high quality digitizer, Boqiang Electronics is lucky to sooth you with this amazingly delightful product.

Availability : In Stock

Brand : Boqiang

Type: Touch for ipad 2/3/4/Air/Air 2

Compatible Model: For iPad

Size : 9.7 inch

Brand Type Compatible Model Size Screen Warranty
Boqiang Touch for ipad 2/3/4/Air/Air 2 For iPad 9.7 inch > 3 60-90 days
  • Excellent replacement for your broken or fault touch screen digitizer.
  • Characteristic: 100% Brand New and never used, high quality, long warranty.

Delivery Time : 3 to 5 days