Quality Control

Technical Improvement

Thinking ahead in order to be ar the forefront of this profession.

Cold press advantage
Cold press process replaces traditional hot press process

Cold press advantage:

  • Frame stronger
  • Solve frame losing and over glue problem
  • Win more customers’ satisfaction.

Full automatic equipment advantages
Full automatic equipment cooperated with hand operation replace pure hand operation

Full automatic equipment advantages:

  • Lower defective rate
  • Increase productivity
  • Hand operation easily can check defective that mechanical operation.

6 Inspection lines
6 Inspection lines
  • Incoming material inspection
  • TP inspection
  • Touch panel inspection
  • LCD inspection
  • Frame Inspecting
  • Test one by one before shipping.

Professional Production Processing

To improve high quality all Boqiang workshop are dust free, strictly control quality from raw materials incoming, cleaning, gluing, testing, packaging to logistics.

Flex Cable Full InspectionFlex Cable Full Inspection
Front Glass Full InspectionFront Glass Full Inspection
LCD Coming InspectingLCD Coming Inspecting
Front Glass Touch InspectionFront Glass Touch Inspection
LCD Display InspectionLCD Display Inspection
Cold Glue Processing Frame InspectionCold Glue Processing Frame Inspection
Full LCD Screen InspectionFull LCD Screen Inspection
Full - Automatic Equipment InspectionFull - Automatic Equipment Inspection